Video Instructions

A BiBikini is not put on in a minut or so, please realize that.
So you have to take your time.

No diving… it ‘s mainly for seen in when walking arround.
When you go in the water there is no problem, but realize that when diving it works like a parachute and might come loose.
Also for your bottomback you might need a bit of help, there are plenty of men who would like to do that;)
If not… a girlfiend or boyfriend might be arround.

Here you find a comprehensive instruction

Please realize that you take your time, it is not done in a minute.
Also for your bottomback you might need a bit of help, there are plenty of men who would like to do that.
If not… a girlfiend or boyfriend might be arround.

Cleaning of your skin

Please do take into account the following situations. Make sure your skin is properly cleaned.
On a contaminated skin the adhesive tape sticks less good. In our shop are also small wipes available.
However a alcohol based cleaner from your local drugstore might be easyer, we are not allowed to sent
that by mail, our wipes are easyer to carry in your bag. So that is up to you.
Keep this in mind when applying suntan lotion / cream to the position of the tape.
An oily skin may lead to a poorer adhesion


Our special adhesive tapes are of course suitable for water and can handle good lateral loads.
This means that you can swim quietly. However you should not dive with this!
The moment you dive, the torque wil be tremendous, think of a parachute, which may yield too much power
and the tape could come loose.
dot dive

Sticking to your skin

The adhesive layer needs little time to respond properly to attach. As longer the tape is on your body it will attach better.
You can leave it even for several days.


Playing or fooling arround or whatever at the beach or elsewhere, comes with some risk!
Therefore our slogan; “No guts, no glory!”
Realize that one or more “friends” might try to let you loose your BiBikini.


BiBikini is in no way liable for the consequences of (incorrect) use.
Using a BiBikini is entirely at your own risk.

For more information, see the detailed extra instructions

G-piercing / Skin anchor

There is an audience for our next system.
The ladies and gentlemen with the whole body covered with beautiful tattoos.
They can next to the sticking button system choose for a permanent and safe solution
in choosing for our G-dermal anchor.

For many of you it will sound be terrible to the ears.
There have allready some people now placed it at these places
We hope in the short term to place pictures of these users.

Here is a saying, “Who wants to be beautifull has to suffer a little pain!”

Unlike a standard Dermal Anchor that is as large as the dash of our G, this G has a whole extra curl.
The C of G is to spread forces.
A small Dermal can cut out of your skin at a sudden load, as in diving .

They must be placed by a specialist and then take time to heal the wound.

For a standard Dermal Anchor they punch a small hole, this also for our dermal G.
Than they remove some tissue under the skin.
Than the G will be turned under the skin through this small hole.

If you than realize that this is done without anesthesia unless a doctor is present,
than these people deserve extra respect.

Our G-dermal is of titanium 23, the knob of surgical steel, so only best quality.
The G has a outer diameter of 13 mm, de knob is 10mm and the small treath M 1.6.
You can order this in our webshop as set of 4.
Before placing those, you have to sterilize them, but this is known and done by most studios.

Extra instructions

  • Decide where to place your skinbuttons.
  • Cut of a sticker from your rol and put it at the rear of the skinbutton.
  • Stick it to your body.
  • Watch out at your bottompiece, keep in mind the extra space when kneeling or whatever.
  • Watch out that it has enough space for when visiting a toilet.
  • After use, you can remove the sticker from your skinbutton and it is ready for another time.
  • Skinglue from the bottle is available on request, this you have to smear to your skin and let it dry for about 10-15 seconds before you press the skinbutton on there.
  • Than leave it for about 15 minutes, so it can build up some strenght.

More extra instructions

  • Clean your skin thoroughly, you might have used greasy things.
  • The base of a skinbutton is 30 mm, but you are free to cut it as you require.
  • Also be carefull whit to warm water, the tape or glue can become more elastic, however we’ve tested it in bath and under a shower whitout problems.
  • Swimingwater is mostly under 30 C.
  • You can leave a skinbutton for 1 or more days, there where no problems, however it might depending on several types of skin.
  • Some places, especially the lower back might be irritating when laying in a sunchair, so choose carrefully the right places.
  • We have in our webshop 2 types of tape, T (transparant) and W (wovencarrier) this is white.
  • As base the T is good and optical nicer, however W should be stronger. But during our testing we did not see much of a difference.
  • When moving in a sunchair watch out, it could come loose!
  • Try first at home.
  • Probarely you stick a button on your arm and leave it there for 1 or more days and sometime pull at it sideways and convince yourself how good it sticks there.
  • When removing you pull from your skin away.