About BiBikini


BiBikini is new and unique, it is a worldwide patented bikini without strings.
We have a downloadpage. There you find a overview from our collection.
Those pictures are free to use/download and publish, but when publishing you have to mention the source BiBikini.com.

You see there also that we have bottoms with strings, this is done for those who choose for this at some moments/occasions they prefer so.

We offer tops and bottoms seperate, so you can choose freely.

A BiBikini is sticked to your body by using 4 skinbuttons, 1 on each corner, these are sticked to your body by using
doublesided tape, this tape is very strong and even sticks better after a while.
Watch the instructionvideo, there you can see that it sticks wel.
This tape is medical approved and allergic free.

This is done this way to give you a free feeling of movement, also you might have to visit a toilet.

No guts, no glory… so you should not be affraid!

Be carefull when laying in a sunchair, that you take care of the buttons at your back.

bibikini sunchair

bibikini sunchair

When sticking it to your skin, we are using soft nearly clear adaptors.
In a set you find 2 extra as spare in case you lost one.

rugslag (1)

This tape can also be used for your clothing like a eveningdress for unwanted moments our for your blouse to avoid openings between the buttons.
Do’t forget to clean your skin, with a BiBikini comes also 2 wipe tissues.
Think about sunoil and other greasy things wich you might have used, it is even better to use a liquid alcohol from your local drugstore, as we are not allowed to sent this by mail.
Also we have a skinachor, in the piercingworld better known as dermal anchor, ours is G-shaped to spread the torque.

Watch out when playing, there are boys and… girls who will try to let you lose it!

No diving

dot divePlease realize that when you dive, it works like a parachute, the torque wil be to high that it might com loose.
It is mainly to be seen at the beach or elsewhere, however ofcourse it is waterresistant.

We have a testset, 3 skinbuttons, 2 alcoholbased cleaningtissues and a piece +/- 10 x 14 cm of double sided tape for 10 Euro including regular post worldwide.
Just sent us a message from our contactpage. You wil than receive a Paypal request to pay these 10 Euro.
This is to convince you, see also our instructionvideo.