BiBikini: the new summer sensation presents;

A unique concept, a revolution in summer swimwear: the BiBikini!
It’s not just any strapless bikini – this worldwide patented and dermatologically tested system uses special double-sided tape and sticky buttons to hold the bikini top and bottom in place.

Plenty of possibilities

_dsc0320 2 offers a broad assortment of bikini tops and bikini bottoms, and with every bikini top or bottom comes  double sided tape, 2 pieces of cleaning cloth (alcohol based), 6 sticky buttons.
The buttons are reusable.
If you are less of a daredevil, there are also a few bikini bottoms available with straps attached to them.
But if you feel exceptionally daring, also offers a different system to secure your bikini in place, which involves skin anchors.


It’s handmade to order, so it can take a few day’s to be ready, but also 2 weeks.

Buy your BiBikini

All in all, putting on a BiBikini may take a little more time than putting on a normal bikini, but it’s all worth it if you want to wow everyone around you!
Check out all the possibilities on and get ready for some serious summer fun!

Do you want to be worldwide on TV?

rugslag (1)For a worldwide broadcasted TV program, we are looking for 1 or more girls (whit or without Tattoos) and a Piercing/Tattoostudio who would like to appear in a program when using our G-dermal piercing system.
Mail us for conditions.